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Promise and Commitment

By the time a new travel specialist joins the SafariQuotes network, we’ve usually spent at least four hours vetting their capabilities and credentials, setting quality expectations, and coaching their staff. To achieve consistent excellence, we have found that there are absolutely no short cuts in this process!

How we make money

We charge a fee to our sellers or travel specialist partners. However, no travel specialist can pay their way to becoming part of SafariQuotes – our vetting process independently reviews whether they are good enough to join. Our buyers (the travelers) do not pay to use our service.

This is the same way in which eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces make money. Because SafariQuotes travel specialist partners know that they are competing for your business, they strive to deliver the best vacation experiences and service for your travel dollars.

The Trust

We trust our partners and travelers, we believe there will not be any hidden agendas like a tour company trying to snap and start communicating privately, hence causing the loss of commission; while that’s possible, we encourage travelers to consider security first. Book a tour after you are satisfied and come back for a review after a trip. We protect the traveler!

Contact Safari Quote

  •   Unit 4,Cranford Centre,Stillorgan Road,Montrose, Dublin 4

  •    Mobile: +255762860416

  •    Mail: info@safariquotes.com


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